Toki Nimblefingers


Thin and lanky for an Ulfen, Toki has wide, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that has been cut short and scruffy. A close-cut, patchy beard frames his thin lips, often curled into a small and mischievous grin.


Toki first met The Party as a client. He had been accused of thievery, and was facing severe punishment for a crime, he claimed, he did not commit. After a lengthy investigation, The Party was able to gather enough evidence to prove Toki’s innocence before the tribunal, clearing his name.

That night, Toki treated The Party to drinks and revelry at their favorite inn, The Fox and Stag. While the alcohol was flowing, Toki became enamored with one of the barmaids, and rented a room with which they could celebrate his freedom. Meanwhile, in the tap room, a disagreement broke out between Jin and Kara, resulting in an out-of-control fire which eventually burned the Fox and Stag to the ground.

After months of construction, a new inn rose in the Fox and Stag’s stead; The Warming Wench. The Party was invited to a night of free food and drinks, only to discover that Toki was the proprietor of the new establishment. He regarded them as honored guests on the night of the Wench’s grand opening, claiming that he couldn’t have asked for a better publicity stunt to draw in a new crowd.

Despite a rough start due to a small infestation of gremlins, The Party managed to salvage the evening and give the Wench enough positive influence that Toki should have more than enough business to support his new lifestyle.

Toki Nimblefingers

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